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Dongguan Hengyi Precision Gear Co., Ltd. is located in Huangzhou Industrial Zone, Shilong Town, Dongguan City. The company has 16 years of experience in research, development and production of gears.

Through the joint efforts of all staff, we have become an experienced and powerful gear industry manufacturer. In order to ensure product quality and production efficiency, we have equipped Swiss full-automatic CNC gear grinding machine, CNC hobbing machine, CNC CNC machining, grinding machine, gear measuring center, material hardness monitor and other equipment, with professional production of all kinds of high-precision gear, gear grinding. The grinding modulus is 0.5m-6m, and the accuracy can reach 3-5 grades. Spur gears, helical gears, synchronous wheels, worm gears, worm gears, gear shafts, racks and other transmission parts...[Details]


  • Gear grinding products
    Grinding gear is widely used, especially our country's machinery and equipment to high-end high-quality...
  • helical gear
    Functional characteristics:1. Power Transfer 2. Power commutation and speed change
  • Bevel gear
    Functional characteristics: 1. Power Transfer 2. Power commutation and speed change
  • Copper worm
    Functional characteristics:1. Power Transfer 2. Power commutation and speed change

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